Tec 45 : CHF 600.-

Tec 45 is the second part of the entire course PADI Tec Deep Diver, this is the continuation of Tec40. This cours is a kind of advanced Nitrox course as you’ll be trained to dive with a mix up to 100% oxygen to shorten the duration of your decompression stops. During this course you’ll also go deeper in your deep dives …. 45 meters !

Tec 45


  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Good health (medical certificate required)
  • Having the Tec 40 or an equivalent certificate
  • Having the Rescue or an equivalent certificate
  • Having an experience of at least 100 recorded dives including at least 12 with enricehd air deeper than 18 meters and 6 dives deeper than 30 meters

The course covers:

  • Technics, equipment and planification required to dive up to 45 meters
  • Usage of a deco tank with a mix up to 100% oxygen
  • Emergencies during technical diving

The course comprises:

  • Theoreticals courses
  • Written exam
  • 1 dive in protected field
  • 3 dives in natural field

The equipment that will be used:

  • All dive equipement required for Tec diving

The price includes:

  • Inscription fees
  • School fees
  • The scuba diving equipment loaned by the school
  • 3 dives (in lake)
  • The certificate

The price does not include:

  • The mandatory medical examination
  • The fins, mask and the snorkel required from the first course
  • The gloves and the diving boots
  • Dry suit

What you will be able to do once certified:

  • You’ll be able to plan and organise deep dives without deco limits up to 45 meters using an additional tank with a mix up to 100% oxygen to shorten your decompression stops.
  • To take the next level course: Tec 50.