Trimix 45 : CHF 430.-

Trimix 45

The Trimix 45 is not exclusively for extremes technical divers, such as the Trimix 50, this certification will allow you to dive in the limits of your basic training (Tec 45 ou Tec 50), decreasing the narcosis effect thought addition of Helium


  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Good health (medical certificate required)
  • Having the EFR or an equivalent certificate
  • Having the Tec 45 or an equivalent certificate

The course covers:

  • Introduction to Helium usage
  • Usage of a decompression software and dive computers to plan dives using mix of gas containing Helium

The course comprises

  • 3 theoretical courses
  • 2 dives in natural field

The equipment that will be used:

  • All dive equipement required for Tec diving

The prices incudes:

  • Inscription fees
  • School fees
  • Deco tanks
  • 2 dives (in lake)
  • The certificate

The price does not include:

  • The mandatory medical examination
  • The fins, mask and the snorkel required from the first course
  • The gloves and the diving boots
  • Dry suit

What you will be able to do once certified:

  • You’ll be able to plan and organize deep dives with decompression stops using mixes with 21% oxygen and up to 20% Helium
  • Using deco tanks up to 100% oxygen to shorten decompression stops