Deep diver Speciality : CHF 250.-

After your first dives, you will want to explore deeper dive sites. There is something exciting and mysterious that attract us to the depths.

Deep diving is without any doubt one of the most fascinating aspects of scuba diving, that will allow you to visit the wrecks (which are usually at 30 metres depth or more) or observe the creatures that can be only found at the deepest depths.


  • To be at least 15 years old
  • Good health (medical certificate required)
  • Having the Advanced Open Water Diver or an equivalent certificate

The course covers:

  • Planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems and risks of deep diving
  • Safety stops and emergency decompression procedures (all dives are performed without decompression stop)
  • Specific material

The course comprises:

  • Theoretical part
  • Four dives in natural environment over two days

Scuba gear used:

  • All the basic and necessary equipment for scuba diving

The price includes:

  • Inscription fees
  • School fees
  • The equipment and the specific diving material lent by the school
  • 4 dives (in lake)
  • The license

The price does not include:

  • The mandatory medical visit
  • The fins, mask and snorkel, mandatory during the 1st course
  • The gloves and boots

What you can do once certified:

  • You will be a specialist in deep diving and you will have enough knowledge for evaluating, organising and planning deep dives up to a maximum of 40 metres